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What would you do if you are not served but says they did?

Asked in Edmond, OK - 3 attorneys answered

What can I do if I am not served

Asked in Riverside, CA - 3 attorneys answered

Do I have to be served?

Asked in Pearl, MS - 4 attorneys answered

Have I been served?

Asked in Portland, OR - 4 attorneys answered

Should Let them serve me? What should I do?

Asked in Orlando, FL - 5 attorneys answered

How do I get him served?

Asked in Cary, IL - 4 attorneys answered

What will he serve.

Asked in Buffalo, NY - 4 attorneys answered

Will I have to serve time?

Written by attorney Richard Lawrence Cooper

Process serving

Asked in Vista, CA - 4 attorneys answered

Serving papers

Asked in Green Bay, WI - 1 attorney answered

What to Do if Served with Foreclosure

Written by attorney Jonathan Klurfeld

Serving an attorney

Asked in Avon, CO - 2 attorneys answered

Serve papers.

Asked in Richmond, CA - 2 attorneys answered

What if the other party can not be served?

Asked in Tampa, FL - 6 attorneys answered