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What are the sentencing?

Asked in Franklinton, LA - 1 attorney answered

What is the sentence?

Asked in Brooklyn, NY - 8 attorneys answered

What is most likely to be my sentencing??

Asked in Las Vegas, NV - 3 attorneys answered

What sentencing will I get?

Asked in Saint Louis, MO - 1 attorney answered

What would be the sentence?

Asked in Nyack, NY - 3 attorneys answered

What will the most likely sentence I will get?

Asked in Long Island City, NY - 5 attorneys answered

What will my sentence be?

Asked in Tucson, AZ - 5 attorneys answered

What can he be sentenced to.

Asked in Mineola, NY - 4 attorneys answered

What could my sentence be?

Asked in Arvin, CA - 2 attorneys answered

What will the sentence be ?

Asked in Washingtonville, NY - 2 attorneys answered

Is there a a difference of a sentencing hearing or sentencing?

Asked in Newport News, VA - 3 attorneys answered

Can a sentence change after sentenceing

Asked in Harrisburg, PA - 3 attorneys answered

Can served sentence be re-sentenced?

Asked in Carmel, NY - 3 attorneys answered

Is it possible to get a delayed sentence after sentencing?

Asked in Macomb, MI - 4 attorneys answered