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Military waiver dose a charge with "no action taken"disqualify me?

Asked in Gainesville, FL - 3 attorneys answered

Military Felony waiver and civilian world

Asked in Copperas Cove, TX - 6 attorneys answered

Can I get a waiver to allow an interservice transfer?

Asked in Sierra Vista, AZ - 3 attorneys answered

Is a harvey waiver adverse adjudication?

Asked in San Marcos, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Can I recieve a waiver if I was denied legal access?

Asked in Stockbridge, GA - 4 attorneys answered

Refusal of active duty military to sign an answer and waiver

Asked in Jacksonville, FL - 4 attorneys answered

Help getting a waiver to join Navy reserve.

Asked in Hickory Corners, MI - 4 attorneys answered

Is my ex eligible for a waiver to enlist in the Marine Corps?

Asked in San Diego, CA - 4 attorneys answered