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Legal Custody

Written by attorney Howard M Lewis

Can I switch from joint legal custody to full legal custody?

Asked in Chula Vista, CA - 2 attorneys answered

How do I get "sole legal custody"?

Asked in Syracuse, NY - 3 attorneys answered

What can I do to enforce legal custody of my children?

Asked in Warwick, RI - 3 attorneys answered

What does joint legal custody mean?

Asked in Sandersville, MS - 1 attorney answered

Legal custody vs. physical custody

Written by attorney Keith Pickard

Physical and legal custody

Asked in Flushing, NY - 4 attorneys answered

Joint legal custody violation?

Asked in Washington, MI - 3 attorneys answered

Legal Custody and private school

Asked in Aliso Viejo, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Sole legal custody in NJ

Asked in Randolph, NJ - 5 attorneys answered

Determining Sole legal Custody

Asked in New York, NY - 4 attorneys answered

How to get legal custody overturned

Asked in Winston-salem, NC - 3 attorneys answered

Missouri: What is Legal Custody?

Written by attorney Margaret P. Murphy

Questions about durable legal custody

Asked in Pearl, MS - 3 attorneys answered