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Expert witness

Asked in Paramount, CA - 5 attorneys answered

Expert Witness

Asked in Tampa, FL - 3 attorneys answered

Questions about witnesses/expert witnesses...

Asked in Pomona, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Expert Witness - Fact Witness

Asked in West Windsor, NJ - 2 attorneys answered

Who pays for expert witness?

Asked in Warrior, AL - 3 attorneys answered

When do expert witnesses have to be disclosed?

Asked in Chico, CA - 3 attorneys answered

Court Appointed Expert Witnesses

Asked in Berkeley, CA - 3 attorneys answered

Expert witness with no proof of Certification

Asked in Canoga Park, CA - 1 attorney answered

Expert witness testimony

Asked in Dallas, TX - 4 attorneys answered

Expert witness in divorce trial?

Asked in Hamilton, MA - 3 attorneys answered

Can I sue my expert witness?

Asked in Chico, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Qualifying an Expert Witness in Florida

Written by attorney Charles B Jimerson

Contractor has hired an expert witness.

Asked in Huntsville, AL - 1 attorney answered

Can I do this without expert witnesses?

Asked in San Francisco, CA - 6 attorneys answered

When Do I Need An Expert Witness

Asked in North Las Vegas, NV - 3 attorneys answered