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What does a entertainment lawyer do?

Asked in Saginaw, MI - 4 attorneys answered

How can I have a music entertainment?

Asked in Pikesville, MD - 6 attorneys answered

Entertainment Overview

Written by attorney Timothy P. Donohue

When should I get an Entertainment Lawyer?

Asked in Glendora, CA - 11 attorneys answered

Entertainment Attorney

Asked in Los Angeles, CA - 4 attorneys answered

Can I patent an entertainment concept?

Asked in Miami, FL - 6 attorneys answered

I need an entertainment lawyer.

Asked in Philadelphia, PA - 4 attorneys answered

Areas of Entertainment Law

Written by attorney Zebulon Kelly Chandler

How can I have an (agent) entertainment lawyer?

Asked in Pikesville, MD - 5 attorneys answered

Need an entertainment lawyer

Asked in Houston, TX - 5 attorneys answered

I need a entertainment lawyer.

Asked in Dallas, TX - 2 attorneys answered

Top Entertainment Contracts in TV

Written by attorney Zebulon Kelly Chandler

Hiring an Entertainment Attorney

Written by attorney Terry D. Aronoff

Sports & Entertainment Law Overview

Written by attorney Michael S. Melfi

Art and Entertainment as a Business

Written by attorney Peter C Lemire