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Domain Name Registering and Domain Name Squatting

Written by attorney Aaron Matthew Kelly

If I have the trademark can someone else have the domain name?

Asked in Santa Monica, CA - 5 attorneys answered

Can i use "yoda" in my domain name?

Asked in Sussex, NJ - 4 attorneys answered

Domain name and infringement

Asked in New York, NY - 5 attorneys answered

I have a question on domain names.

Asked in Reno, NV - 2 attorneys answered

Questions about usTLD domain names?

Asked in Salt Lake City, UT - 1 attorney answered

Is a Domain Name Intellectual Property?

Asked in New York, NY - 7 attorneys answered

Celebrity domain name

Asked in Portland, OR - 3 attorneys answered

Who has the right to claim the domain name?

Asked in Las Vegas, NV - 3 attorneys answered

Can someone trademark a domain name?

Asked in Houston, TX - 3 attorneys answered

Do I have the right to get a domain name transfer?

Asked in Sioux City, IA - 4 attorneys answered

Domain name infringement

Asked in Los Angeles, CA - 4 attorneys answered

INTERNET DISPUTE - domain name

Asked in Chicago, IL - 3 attorneys answered

Forced to transfer domain name?

Asked in New York, NY - 4 attorneys answered