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Concurrent Sentences

Asked in Madison, WI - 6 attorneys answered

Concurrent sentence.

Asked in Parker, CO - 4 attorneys answered

Can you have concurrent sentence in two states?

Asked in Baltimore, MD - 2 attorneys answered

How does concurrent sentencing work.

Asked in Aurora, CO - 1 attorney answered

Concurrent sentences between counties?

Asked in Middletown, OH - 1 attorney answered

What's the purpose of a concurrent sentence when detainers are placed

Asked in Minneapolis, MN - 4 attorneys answered

Concurrent sentences and the 10 year rule?

Asked in San Antonio, TX - 2 attorneys answered

How does time served work with concurrent sentences?

Asked in Prairieville, LA - 1 attorney answered


Asked in Ridgeland, MS - 1 attorney answered

Federal/State Concurrent Sentence Help!!!

Asked in Mississippi - 3 attorneys answered

Can u get concurrent sentence for felon firearm

Asked in Southfield, MI - 7 attorneys answered

Help on time served credit for concurrent sentence

Asked in Bristol, FL - 2 attorneys answered

How do concurrent sentencing laws work in 2 different cities?

Asked in Dearborn Heights, MI - 3 attorneys answered