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Jacksonville, FL Criminal defense lawyers (486 results)

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If local law enforcement has charged you with a crime, you likely need the services of a criminal defense lawyer to represent your case. As is common in beach communities, most crimes which occur in beachfront neighborhoods of Duval County are not committed by the residents that live there. Seeking the help of a local criminal defense attorney should help keep your case moving through the legal system with surety. Florida laws have displayed leniency in cases where self-defense has been determined. These are infamously known as the “stand your ground” laws. A criminal defense lawyer will know the evidence required for the government to prove your guilt, and will also know what information is needed for you to establish your innocence.

How much does a criminal defense lawyer charge per hour in the Jacksonville area

Based on Attorneys' reported rates, you should expect to pay between $172.00 and $267.00 per hour. This rate may be dependent on factors like experience and different specializations within criminal defense.