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Wayne S. Melnick

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  • Can an educational facility hold your transcipts if you have an outstanding balance with them

    can an educational facility hold your transcipts if you have an outstanding balance with them

    Wayne’s Answer

    It is common for educational institutions to withhold official transcripts for students with outstanding balances. You may nonetheless be able to obtain an unofficial copy of the transcript by making a request under the Family Educational Rights and Privavcy Act.

    For more information you may want to seek an attorney who practices in the same state as the school is located.

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  • PA education law, parents' right to appeal school investigation

    Does the parent have the right to see a video tape where the child was allegedly caught handing over tobacco products to another student?

    Wayne’s Answer

    Schools may allow you to review evidence including video evidence as part of the student disciplinary review process. Check to see whether the school has a video surveillance policy or if the issue is addressed in the school student discipline policy.

    If you are not allowed to view the videotape, you may want to make a formal request for access to the video as a student record. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act provides rights to access educational records and generally includes video recordings in its definition of educational records.

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  • Education

    What do you do if your son's school violates the FERPA?. I requested his school records in writing, twice, signed by both my son and me, and it's been way more than 45 days and I still don't have them yet. I asked for copies of them to look thro...

    Wayne’s Answer

    If not resolved through the OSPI, a parent or eligible student may file a written complaint with the:

    Family Policy Compliance Office
    U.S. Department of Education
    400 Maryland Avenue, SW.
    Washington, DC 20202-4605

    Remedies may include loss of federal funding for a program or entire institution, but a valid complaint is more likely to be resolved through an investigation and order to comply.
    See C.F.R. Sec. 99.67

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