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Todd Eric Gallinger

Todd Gallinger’s Legal Guides

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  • USCIS Introduces New Naturalization Test

    Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) introduced new versions of the civics and English tests which applicants for citizenship must pass. The new test will be required of all people who have their citizenship interview after October 1, 2009 a...

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  • Involuntary Dissolution of California Corporations, Limited Partnerships and LLCs

    Involuntary dissolution is the choice of last resort for aggrieved investors and business owners. It is an extreme judicial remedy which comes about by a lawsuit from an investor, almost always a minority owner, who feels that they are being locked out of the business or othe...

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  • Need for an Exit Strategy When Starting a Business

    When business people are starting a new company together they are most often thinking about its future and their potential profits. Those initial investors and managers are, at that point, happy to be working together and see the true potential that they can provide their cu...

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  • Independent Contractor of Employee? A Summary of the California Law.

    For small businesses, hiring independent contractors is widely used practice because of their cost efficiency. Independent contractors, do not need to be given the benefits of a normal employee as they are not protected under Californias wage and hour laws. But , the div...

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  • Requirements For An H-1B Visa

    Who is eligible? In order to apply for a H-1B visa, you must fulfill several requirements: * You must be fully licensed to practice in the occupation you wish to hold in the United States;

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  • Qualify For An E-2 Investor Visa

    Be from a Treaty Country In order to qualify, an applicant must be from a country with a reciprocal treaty with the U.S. These people are known as "treaty investors". The countries which currently q

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