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Steven Michael Dickinson

About Steven Dickinson

About me

I work with foreign companies who do business with China, either through investment or through purchase of product.


My approach is to try to find practical solutions to complex problems. A long and detailed memorandum explaining why something cannot be done is not useful. Companies working with China need someone who can figure out a practical solution.


I work primarily in the real China: the world of factories, fish plants and farms outside Beijing and Shanghai. Work in these areas requires a command of the Chinese language and an appreciation for the history and culture of China. Since I am a lawyer, I also work to understand the basis of the Chinese legal system. I have studied its root in the German Civil Code and the Russian adaptation. Then I have looked at the adaptation to the current situation in China.


My work is all done in the Chinese language, which means I am able to get to the source. I do not rely on translations or second hand reports.


My work usually involves China inbound investment and company formation, China labor law, intellectual property law, dispute resolution, outsourcing and trade in goods, contract negotiation and drafting.