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Shirin Afar’s Legal Guides

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  • What is the Meeting of Creditors?

    When is Meeting of Creditors Held? The Meeting of Creditors is generally held 20-40 days after the filing of the bankruptcy petition. Once the debtor answers pertinent questions about their financial

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  • Bankruptcy and Student Loans

    The Exception of Undue Hardship The ONLY exception to the non-dischargeability of student loans is the premise of "undue hardship". The general guideline for proving undue hardship is showing that th

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  • What is Considered Exempt Property in Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

    Exemptions Because the exemption options and laws are constantly changing, it is always best to check with an attorney in your state to see what exemptions apply to your individual case. Having said

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  • Top 3 Reasons to Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

    Getting a "fresh start": Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors to obtain a fresh financial start. Most unsecured debts can be eliminated (discharged) through bankruptcy. Such debts include: credit card

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