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Shawn Patrick Hammond

About Shawn Hammond

About me

Managing attorney of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates which consists of two attorneys and four secretaries.


Shawn Hammond is an Augusta attorney with over 16 years of legal experience, 26 years of military experience and has handled over 2500 cases.


We specialize in the areas of:  Divorce; Military Divorce; Custody; Grandparent Custody; Adoption; and, DUI.


Shawn Hammond is the only attorney in the United States who has served as an Infantry Officer who has had combat commands in both Afghanistan and Iraq. 

In January 2006 Shawn Hammond closed his law office for a 21 month deployment with 16 consecutive months spent in front line ground combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.  For his service he was awarded numerous medals including the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantrymans Badge.


Shawn demonstrates dominating trial skills that reflect a blend of his legal and combat experiences.  Combat hardened for courtroom battle is a terms that most lawyers in Augusta and other areas of the state have come to respect.


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