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  • My wife fell at work on a icy parking lot and cracked her elbow and needed stitches.

    After requesting the parking lot be remove of snow and ice company did not do so. This caused the accident.

    Robert’s Answer

    Contact a Tennessee Worker's Compensation attorney and do not rely upon the Internet in hopes to educate yourself in this rather complex area of law. Worker's Compensation law varies from state to state, so no attorney outside of Tennessee could hope to provide you with advice upon which you rely.

    From state to state workers compensation law is pretty much designed to protect the employer. The laws are not to the benefit of the worker except there is no challenge on liability.

    Contact a Tennessee injury law attorney who handles workers compensation matters. It would be a big mistake not to seek professional assistance and attempt to struggle through this without legal help.

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  • Why cant i find a lawyer to help with a slip an fall injury , at Sams club. Cleary was not my fualt . im stuck with hospital bil

    i called 4 lawyers. All say i have a case but wint take it. I was walking out of the cashier station, hands full , looking at the dozens of big screens coming my way. Then swoop , feet up in the air. I landed on my upper back n head. I slipt ...

    Robert’s Answer

    First, I believe you should limit your search to injury law attorneys who are familiar with premises liability claims. Premises liability law is relatively complex and intimidating to many attorneys.

    Injury law attorneys who are familiar with claims brought against Walmart are aware that Walmart denies most claims and forces attorneys into lawsuits. This reputation deters most attorneys from taking cases that perhaps do not justify a lawsuit

    Even injury law attorneys are reluctant to take slip and fall claims where the individual has attempted to handle the claim themselves. If a statement has been made, generally the injured party has damaged their claim by unknowingly saying things that were not in their best interest. Afterall, Walmart is self-insured and those handling claims are paid to diminish or reject claims through any effort possible.

    Generally, if there is a delay in hiring an attorney an attorney will be reluctant since the individual will rarely obtain the medical evidence to adequately proceed with the claim. That would likely be another factor why attorneys are shying away.

    You do not state when the incident occurred; however, if it was more than 3 to 6 months in the past few attorneys will accept the challenge since the medical evidence needed to proceed with the claim on the element of damages would almost be too late to construct.

    Search further for an attorney in your local area. Chances are, however, that no top-notch injury attorney would become involved unless it very recently occurred and even then probably not.

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  • If I recover money for unpaid medical bills do I have to pay back medicare or medicade

    got hit by a car there willing to give me 30,000 but for medical bills I paid do I have to pay back medicare or medicade

    Robert’s Answer

    You should contact a Pennsylvania injury law attorney at once. The responsibility to reimburse Medicare for bills they pay iis based upon federal law. Medicaid reimbursement is based upon both federal law and state law. Our experience in dealing with both of these agencies is that they overestimate their claim and often asked for reimbursement for things that are unrelated to your injuries. Any bills not paid by them would require payment from you personally from the proceeds of any recovery from the insurance company.

    Insurance companies are in the business to profit and adjusters are required to pay as little as possible. Individuals who handle their own claims are unaware of various things for which they are entitled to receive and the insurance company does not tell them. People guess what they are entitled to receive routinely guess incorrectly, most often too low. Insurance companies hope to profit by their mistakes. And, they usually do. Generally speaking, they will subtract any liens or claims for reimbursement from the amount that you agreed to settle with them.

    Most injury law attorneys have free initial consultations, you should take advantage of this. Your question on Medicare and Medicaid alone in addition to your question relating to bills give me ample information to know that you cannot properly and skillfully handle this matter yourself. Contact an injury law attorneys in your state before taking any further action.

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  • My insurance totaled my car other guys ins says they r 100% resp how do I get them to pay for more do I have to sue

    other guy lost control in snow hit my car totaling it my insurance pays med no-fault my insurance wants to give me a check much less than I can get one for . Their agent want to give me and my husband 1000.00 for our compensatory damages I have a ...

    Robert’s Answer

    You should contact Pennsylvania injury law attorney at once. Insurance companies are in the business of making profits and adjusters are trained to pay individuals as little as possible. It is obvious that the adjuster is attempting to pay you as little as possible. At first glance, your entitlement is significantly greater than you have been offered. But, if there has been a delay since the accident you may have not obtained or received the necessary medical information and evidence to fully recover on your claim.

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  • Whom do I seek when I was in a car accident? Only injury I have is wrist pain and my car is totaled.

    I was driving right of way on street when I collided with a tow truck whom pulled out from stop sign without properly checking clear road. Police say it's his fault and the owner of the tow truck company offered a cash payout and car from lot if I...

    Robert’s Answer

    You're wise to contact an injury law attorney in your state of California. You would be wise to be checked out by a doctor from head to foot to make sure there are not any injuries of which you are unaware, especially if your car was totaled. An injured person will often find that they will not realize the extent of their injuries until they return to full and complete prior activities. By then, it is often too late to obtain the medical evidence necessary to prove the injury claim.

    Please note an insurance company is a business trying to make a profit, and adjusters are paid to limit the amount that their employers pay individuals on claims. The job of an adjuster is not to pay you what you have coming if it can be avoided. In all likelihood the only way it can be avoided is if you seek assistance from someone who routinely handles injury claims and has the same knowledge and ability to handle the claim as the extensively trained insurance claims adjuster.

    Contact an injury law attorney in your community promptly if there is any hope for you to succeed in recovering your full entitlement.

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  • Car accident settlement

    I just signed a release for the insurance company settling for $12,000 so do I get the whole amount and then I paid the hospitals and clinics or is that taken out before I receive anything?

    Robert’s Answer

    It would be wise to contact an injury law attorney in Sioux Falls, there are several excellent attorneys in your community. The insurance company paying your claim will generally deduct money to reimburse your own company or health carrier who has paid any medical bills. All of your obligations to medical providers and others must be then paid from your minimal settlement. If your injuries prove to be more serious than you had guessed then you cannot re-open the claim to receive full recovery. Many injury law attorneys provide an initial consultation without charge, you would be best served by seeking such free initial consultation from an attorney in your community. Among other things you should discuss with that attorney is the basis for your settlement and if the matter can be re-negotiated. My guess is that the insurance company convinced you to settle for less than your full entitlement.

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  • Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

    I was in a car accident on Jan 28, 2015. I experienced some head pain immediately after but did not visit a doctor. A week later I began experiencing extreme hip pain; visited an urgent care clinic and was told I had a torn hip muscle. I still ...

    Robert’s Answer

    It is imperative you contact an attorney in Georgia to discuss your questions thoroughly. Most injury law attorneys provide a free initial consultation, you should take advantage of that opportunity.

    Insurance adjusters are paid to limit the amount their employers pay you. Insurance adjuster's utilize a bag of tricks designed to force you to accept substantially less than you are entitlement. An injury law attorney can explain to you the various elements of economic a non-economic losses in your state. The insurance company is demonstrating frustration in that the claim that you're making is greater than they would have anticipated. There are several injuries that need to be diagnosed and evaluated by a competent medical provider.

    Do not use the Internet in an attempt to educate yourself on the various aspects of an insurance injury claim. Contact a Georgia attorney who deals with the complexities of such matters and will collect for you the full amount you deserve which you cannot hope to do on your own.

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  • Auto Insurace doesn't have medical coverage but assigned a Injury adjuster.

    Friend's car got rear-eneded. His auto policy doesn't have medical coverage (However, he got health insurance), but when he reported the accident to his insurance company (his auto insurance company asked him if he was injured, ,he said yes on hi...

    Robert’s Answer

    An insurance adjuster never represents anyone other than the company for which he or she is employed. He or she is trained and paid only to look out for the best interest of the insurance company. And when there are two insurance companies, the adjusters help each other and do not represent any of the parties.

    Tell your friend to continue with the representation of his California injury law atourney. That attorney can advise your friend as to the best route to proceed, and the applicable insurance coverage without regard to the best interest of any insurance company.

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  • Questions about auto accident and pre-existing low back injury and became disabled by SSA after the accident..

    i have questions about auto accident and pre-existing low back injury and became disabled by SSA after the accident. if you had low back pre existing injury and you were 100% pain free before the accident and you started to have low back ...

    Robert’s Answer

    A Washington injury law attorney would best be suited to answer your question. Medical doctors are considered experts by the courts in determining what injuries relate to what incident. The definition of disability under Social Security Disability and the definition of disability in injury law is different. Your claim is not weak. But, it poses the challenges as you mentioned. A knowledgeable Washington attorney that is familiar with medical evidence and causation should be able to present a quality insurance claim on your behalf. Frankly, without attorney you have no hope.

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  • We want to file a personal injury case from several years ago for my child, although the 3 year statute of limitations

    has expired the child was severely mental upset ( documented) before the accrual of the claim and similarly extremely deranged, including 5 incarceration periods that total one year, after the accrual of the claim, and numerous drug, mental healt...

    Robert’s Answer

    You should contact an attorney that is very familiar with insurance injury claims in the state this incident occurred, which appears to be Michigan. Generally, the statue of limitations on in a claim can be extended for various reasons. Typically mental disability is one of those reasons. An attorney who routinely handles insurance injury claims would likely be familiar with those exceptions. Exceptions are unique to each state, but on the very limited information you have provided I would guess that the statue limitations could be extended. But this is a complex question for a knowledgeable insurance injury attorney in your state to review with you.

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