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Robert Moore

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About me

Over 20+ years limited  to insurance injury claims. Thousands of injury claims handled and millions of dollars collected. The professional law corporation, A P.L.C. Moore Faust Injury Law Group was founded in 1975 by four attorneys interested in providing consumer oriented legal services to the general public. A P.L.C. Moore & Kandaras was founded on a basis of resolving complex and controversial legal issues most often at trial. In the 1980s, the legal practice of A P.L.C. Moore & Kandaras evolved to the representation of big business, particularly defending insurance companies on injury claims. 

In fact, in the 1980s, A P.L.C. Moore & Kandaras was listed by the Best Recommended Insurance Company Attorneys, the nationally renowned source for recommended insurance company attorneys, as one of the few law firms selected for such expertise. Yet, in the 1980s, the attorneys at A P.L.C. Moore & Kandaras found a distaste, in particular, for defending insurance companies on injury claims and returned to its roots by restricting its practice to the representation of injured individuals with the challenge of collecting monies due them from large and profit minded insurance companies. For well over 20 years the firm has found solace in this area of law, handling thousands of insurance claims on behalf of injured individuals and collecting for them millions of dollars. At present, A P.L.C. Moore & Kandaras limits their law practice only to the pursuit of injury claims.

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