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Peter Todd Stevenson

About Peter Stevenson

About me

My name is Peter Stevenson.  I am the Principal and Owner of Stevenson Law, LLC.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Drake University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Southern Illinois University.  During law school, I held several different internships.  After my first year of law school, I clerked for a trial court judge. Throughout my second year of law school, I worked for a small firm in Carbondale, Illinois.  I was fortunate to land an internship with the Missouri Public Defender’s Office in St. Louis City during my third year of law school.  There, I worked on a wide variety of felony cases, and served as second chair on several felony jury trials.  After graduation, I took and passed the Missouri Bar Exam, and was admitted to practice before the Missouri Supreme Court.  After I was admitted to practice, I worked as an associate attorney in a small firm.  While I gained a good deal of experience, I became dissatisfied with that position and started my own firm.


I believe in treating my clients as people, not dollar signs.   I promise to treat you with dignity and respect.   Anytime you call or visit my office, I want you to feel comfortable telling me about your situation, even if you feel embarrassed or humiliated.  No matter what you tell me, I guarantee that I have heard worse.  And remember, what you tell me is between us.  I cannot tell the cops or anyone else.   Finally – and most importantly – if you hire me to represent you, I pledge to zealously advocate on your behalf.


—Peter Stevenson, Principal and Owner of Stevenson Law, LLC