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Natalie Kiddell Rasmussen

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  • Do I have to receive child support if I don't want it?

    We are agreeing that instead of child support I will receive clear title to our home. Is that acceptable? I do not need child support from him for our 3 children?

    Natalie’s Answer

    Child support is mandatory in Washington. The ammount of child support in each case is detemined by a mandatory child support schedule, which generally must be followed. There are reasons that the parties are permitted to deviate from the mandatory child support ammounts (for example, if a child spens most of her residential time with one parent, that parent's child support payment may be reduced). However, agreement by the parents is not, by itself, an adequate reason for child support requirements to be reduced or eliminated. Thus, the fact that you and the father are in agreement that you do not need child support will not, on its own, be enough to eliminate his obligation.

    Because child support is divided between parents based on each parent's share of the combined monthly income, there is a possibility that he will not have to pay child support if you make more money than he does. In that case you would be paying child support to him.

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