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John Christopher Bannon

About John Bannon

About me

I start with the presumption that there is a favorable solution to a client's legal problems, and hold to that presumption until I am convinced, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is no feasible remedy. 


My passion is for any area of the law relating to land, whether it be zoning, municipal, environmental, real estate, easement, adverse possession, or boundary law.   People's identities are often deeply rooted in where they live, how they use their land, and how others respect their rights.  The right to protect one's land against trespassers, to curb inappropriate nearby development, or to gain  relief from senseless government restrictions is one of the few values in society that is really worth fighting for.


Much of the time it is possible to reach a win-win settlement of a land or zoning dispute.  However, when that is not possible, it is essential to hire an attorney who deeply understands the intricacies of these areas of the law.  Land law is combination of the very ancient and the very modern, with all sorts of intricate procedures mixed in.  It is fascinating but complicated.


There are times when I wish I were younger -- who wants to get old?  However,  experience has its advantages.   After practicing law for 32 years, there is very little I have not seen, and few places I have not been. Nothing surprises me much.  That does not mean that I'm stuck in my ways.  The more you know, the more you realize how much there is left to be discovered.  Leave no stone unturned.


I work with people from all walks of life.  I have dealt with officials, agencies, and bureaucrats from the smallest towns in Maine to Washington DC.   Although lawsuits and administrative appeals are too costly to be started without careful thought, if they cannot be avoided, I enjoy a good fight.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the relief on a client's face when I have thrown down the last obstacle standing in their way.


I am lucky.  I love what I do. I welcome all the possibilities and challenges that arrive with each new case.


No attorney can fix every problem.  However, there is no attorney who will try harder than me to find you a way out of your predicament, or a means to achieve your goal.

Although it is foolish to tilt at windmills, the fact remains that you have to believe there's a solution if you are ever going to make it happen.  Realism is good.  Pessimism is not.

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