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Lisa Lanier’s Legal Guides

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  • Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits

    Its a widely known fact that applying for social security disability benefits is a daunting process. Before you apply for SSDI, its important to find out if you qualify. Whether you are a single adult, a spouse or a mother or father, its vital to have a steady stream of income to...

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  • Workers’ Compensation Rights

    The most dangerous jobs in America are performed by immigrant workers, many of them Hispanic. Sadly, many employers try to avoid paying workers compensation benefits when the worker is not documented. As employable workers, employees of any business have rights under the law. Do ...

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  • Understanding your rights under premises liability law

    Injury accidents are not always as accidental as they may seem. In fact some slip and fall injuries that occur on the grounds of another persons property are less an incident of accident and more a result of inadequate premises maintenance. As such, these are situations that coul...

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  • Types of Car Accidents: Knowing How to Identify Your Collision

    If you were recently involved in a motor vehicle collision there are a number of different ways in which the accident could have occurred. Knowing what type of collision you were involved in could play a significant role in the way you file your insurance claim and seek recovery ...

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  • Making Sense of Medical Malpractice Law

    Many people have a general understanding about the definition of medical malpractice. However, far fewer individuals are familiar with the law as it pertains to instances of medical misbehaviors. In order to really understand the claims you make against a negligent healthcare pro...

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