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How to Manage an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)
Access your Life Insurance Needs and the Liquidity Requirements of Your Future Estate Analyze your family or dependent's needs in light of your death. How much money will it take to keep them comfor more...

Posted over 8 years ago.

Same Sex Couple and Estate Planning Documents - What Do We Need?
1. Find an attorney that you feel comfortable working with. . Having the documents are not the end-point of your engagement with your attorney – both of you should have a good working understanding more...

Posted almost 9 years ago.

Simple Wills - The Foundation to an Estate Plan
What is a Will? As a way of general information, let’s review what a Will is. Most estate plans contain a Will document, and are often referred to as a “Simple Wills.” A Will document is a foundati more...

Posted over 8 years ago.