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Gary Kester’s Legal Guides

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  • Do I inform the other party about what a wittness is going to say?

    Often times, people handling their own civil cases, wonder what they are required to Disclose. Look at Rule of Civil Procedure 26.1. Rule 26.1 requires parties to not only disclose the identity of the wittness but also the substance of their expected testimony. Should you become...

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  • ARS 12-821.01 Notice of Claim Against Public Entity

    Many people ask about the process for filing a lawsuit against a public entity such as jail, police, city bus, otherwise a public entity. In Arizona, you are required to file a Notice of Claim with the Entity within 180 days from the alleged occurance (the statute is below and a...

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  • Arizona Department of Insurance. Unfair Claims Settlement Practice

    What do you do if you feel an insurance company has treated you unfairly? Insurance companies are regulated by the Department of Insurance. Each State regulates the insurance companies that operate within their boarders. In Arizona, if you have a complaint about an insurance com...

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