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Bryan Pulliam’s reviews

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  • Refuses to Pay Client Settlement Money They Received from Insurance Company

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    Anonymous review posted on

    My case was transferred to this law firm. They called and rushed me to accept the settlement that was on the table, stating that it was the best offer. They received the check on April 22nd, and I waited 10 days until May 6th to receive a third of the settlement. i was told that they would hold the rest to pay medical providers, and that at the longest it would take 3 weeks for the check for the final amount to be cut. I called back 3 weeks later and they could give me no update and acted as if they had no idea what I was talking about. I was told it would be 30 more days. This set the expectation for the check to be released during the last week of June. Again, I waited. the additional 30 days. During the 9 weeks I was waiting, absolutely no work was done on my case, and the letters were not sent to the medical providers until June 27th. Those letters should have been mailed on April 22nd, or 23rd. When I called, they stated that they were still waiting to hear from the last medical provider. I decided to contact the medical provider myself and they quickly sent over the paperwork that same day. When I called back to see when I could pick up the check, I was told that I had to wait on the accountant to come in (which they stated would happen on July 4th, which makes no sense), and that even if the accountant came in, Bryan Pulliam would be out of the office so I would have to wait an entire additional week. Nest week they will have more excuses. I am sure they are earning interest on my money and have no intention of writing the check any time soon. I am not usually a complainer, but this is horrible customer service. They were hardly available until they wanted me to accept the settlement, and then they had the courtesy to have an actual lawyer in the office contact me. After accepting the offer, they have dodged my calls claiming that they have to "find my folder", and even had random employees who had no knowledge of my case call me back to give me excuses. They only care about their client until they get the settlement check in their bank account, and then they hold on to your money indefinitely. This process should have taken no longer than 4 weeks after the settlement check cleared, at the absolute latest. I would not recommend them to anyone else.

  • Inadeqate and Poor Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by Barbara

    I would not recommend this attorney or his law firm due to the fact that they (Mr. Bryan Pulliam and Mr. Ryan Johnson) handled my personal injury case poorly. They were not assertive nor aggressive with the hotel's claim representative on my behalf and they ended up throwing me under the bus. - siding more with the hotel where I was injured due to the negligence of one of their employees than with me their client. They apparently were ntimidated by the hotel's claims representative due to their lack of experience and allowed the other side to have the upper hand. Be sure to research any attorney that you may be considering. It is best to select someone with "industry recognition" who has a lot of experience with personal injury cases so let this be your guiding factor when selecting an attorney to represent you.