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  • Options other left for me?

    I want to get back to the U.S, I have filed a waiver for inadmissible for 212 A 9 B 2, what are the other options available for the vawa applicant if the waiver is denied.

    F.’s Answer

    We need much, much, much more information.

    You should talk to an attorney in private via Skype.

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  • Is legal for the Governor of Guam to deport a Person from Guam?

    The Governor of Guam deported two Citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia. Freeing them from jail and gave them each a one way ticket back to Micronesia. I just want to know if it's legal for him to do that. I thought the President and Immi...

    F.’s Answer

    I agree with my colleague ... this doesn't sound like a deportation.

    Rather, they were being 'shown the door' and given a free ride home.

    More information as to why the Governor didn't want them in Guam is needed.

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  • Is it possible to covert F2 visa into B1/b2 visa without having an interview at the US Embassy?

    I have not yet entered the US. I had a 10-day administrative processing before getting my F2 visa, that's why I don't want to put my f2 at risk. Is it generally easier to obtain f2 visa than B1/b2, or is it vice versa?

    F.’s Answer

    There is no 'conversion' ... you can have both a B and an F in your passport .. you just need to be careful how you use them when you enter.

    No, there is no 'easier' factor.

    BUT ... you forgot to tell us what US Consul has your application ... this does make a BIG difference.

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  • I-824 pending for 18 months and Ombudsman's office

    Hi, my husband's I-824 form is pending for 18 months. I got my GC a year ago and we are current all the time. I have opened 4 SRs and contacted Senator. Each time we got a generic response to wait either 60 or 90 days. 180 days later no approval. ...

    F.’s Answer

    The Ombudsman's office may help.

    What country is your husband in? It could be that he's in a part of the world that requires extra security/background checks.

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  • Will my pending U visa be canceled if I apply for F-1 reinstatement?

    I have a pending U visa case for 16 months now and while my case was pending, I fell out of F-1 status. I currently want to apply for F-1 reinstatement. Will that affect my pending U visa case? Thanks

    F.’s Answer

    I don't see how you could possibly qualify for F reinstatement now that you've filed the U.

    Talk to an attorney for clarification/confirmation.

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  • While I applied for asylum and I am also on F1 so can I apply for my wife and kid as F1 student from much visa chance

    Name.Muhammad jamil E mail..

    F.’s Answer

    NOTE: NEVER put personal information on an internet blog.

    Now that you filed for asylum ... the chances of them getting F-2 visas is practically zero.

    It is too bad you didn't talk to a lawyer before you filed for asylum. With that said, since most asylum applications that are submitted without an attorney are denied, it isn't too late to talk to one now.

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  • I-485 fees for a 11 year boy

    I'm very confused with this terms from the USCIS WEB SITE, 1) Under 14 and filing with the I-485 application of at least one parent, 2) Under 14 and not filing with the I-485 application of at least one parent We getting ready to send the I...

    F.’s Answer

    The key words are in the 'same envelope' ... and section 201:

    If you remain confused, have you considered a Skype consultation with an attorney?

    This is not a 'simple' matter of just filling in forms.

    For example, what is the basis for filing? (The boxes on page 1)


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  • How can I proceed.....Need your suggestion.

    I am on F1 Visa right now in USA starting January 2016. Previously I had H1B visa( March 2014 to July 2016) stamped and not used at all. Can I use the H1B visa which is not used previously as it will be valid for 6 years if any employer files cap-...

    F.’s Answer

    Keep in mind that the H-1B papers are the property of the company, not the prospective worker.

    Most likely those papers are 'dead' due to not having been activated by your coming into the US and working.

    Thus, you're probably not cap-exempt.

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  • About H4-EAD expiry dates based on i94

    Hi Team, I am on H1-B(with I140 approval) and my spouse is currently on H4. We are awaiting for my spouse's EAD which was filed in May 2016 based on previous i94(November 2016). While EAD is in process/pending, We filed for our H1B & H4 exten...

    F.’s Answer

    Your spouse can not have the H-3 extension premium processed ... the company's attorney should have told you that ... hopefully you're not dealing with NON-ATTORNEYS in HR. Thus, I am surprised that both extension approvals arrived together ... congratulations, you were lucky.

    Were you wise enough to use an attorney for the EAD application? If so, he/she might be able to amend the paperwork.

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  • Can a paralegal get a work visa in the USA?

    It would be a certificate in paralegal studies. Or do I absolutely need a bachelors degree?

    F.’s Answer

    Even with a bachelor's degree you won't be able to get a paralegal work permit.

    Not only do you need the bachelor's degree ... the job must be a 'professional' one that 'requires' a bachelor's degree.

    Even though paralegals think of themselves as professionals ... the immigration service doesn't agree.

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