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Erika Leuffen Salerno

Erika Salerno’s Legal Guides

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  • Divorce Process Options: Beyond Traditional Litigation

    TRADITIONAL LITIGATION Litigation is the traditional divorce process, whereby both parties hire attorneys, who provide legal advice and represent the positions of their client in negotiations and court hearings. This model is an adversarial process in which each attorney advocat...

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  • Separate Maintenance

    At times, people want to initiate an action to establish support, either for themselves or for the children or both, but do not wish to pursue a termination of the marriage. Most commonly, the reasons for a judgment of separate maintenance are based upon spiritual or religious be...

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  • Medical Expenses and Child Care in Divorce

    The usual requirement is that both parents maintain health care insurance coverage on the children that is available to them through their employment at a reasonable cost. In addition, parents will find that the Court requires that each parent contribute toward any uninsured heal...

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  • What Does Child Support Cover?

    Other than uninsured health care and childcare expenses, all other costs of raising your children should be paid by the custodial parent, with the non-custodial parent's share having already been paid by the child support. This includes food, clothing, shelter, schooling, extra-...

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  • Modification of Child Support

    Child support may be modified whenever there is a significant change in the circumstances of the parties. Changes such as raises, layoffs and bonuses all are sufficient to review a support order. Upon request of either party for an increase or decrease in child support, the Frien...

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  • Spousal Support in Michigan

    Spousal support or alimony, as it is commonly referred to, is a periodic payment made by one spouse to the other for that spouse's support and maintenance. Generally speaking, spousal support is taxable to the recipient and deductible for tax purposes to the payor. In determinin...

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  • Colaborative Divorce

    COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution method whereby each party hires an attorney and all four work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial process with a mutual goal of reaching a fair settlement of all issues, while avoiding the emotional and fi...

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