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In the Matter of the Marriage of C.A.M. v. T.C. and In The Interest of C.A.C.

Case Conclusion Date: 10.06.2009

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Finalized

Description: My client came to me in a state of panic after being served with his wife's divorce petition. In the petition, there was an Application for a Protective Order which stated that my client was abusive and hostile towards his wife and thus was trying to restrict my client's civil liberties. Also in the petition, my client's wife was asking the court to award her sole custody of their child. Needless to say, my client was quite upset at the allegations and requests made in his wife's divorce petition. Eventually, I was able to calm down my client, obtain the true facts and fight for my client. My client was awarded joint custody and has regular and frequent contact with his daughter. Most importantly, the child of this suit still has both her parents in her life.

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