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Cheryl K. David

Cheryl David’s Legal Cases

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    Practice Area:
    Estate planning
    Trust Planning
    Husband and Wife came into the office with fears about estate tax, desire to avoid probate and concern about a marital problem one of their children was having. They needed to know a way to protect their child so that she would not lose her inheritance if she and their son-in-law divorced, after they passed. I prepared a revocable trust and placed all of their assets inside of it, to avoid all court intervention. The tax planning provisions of the trust avoid estate tax, under present law, and their daughter will receive her money under a subtrust, protecting it from possible divorce in the future. As part of their plan I prepared, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Pour Over Wills, HIPPA forms, Certificates of Trust, Assignment and Nominee Agreements, Location Lists, Estate Planning Letters and Letters and New Deeds, which I respectively, sent out and filed for them, transferring all the assets into the trust. Over the years, they have called me for "no charge" when they've had questions and visited "no charge" to review their documents. I've enjoyed working with this couple and many like them in all of my years of practice.