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Cheryl K. David

Cheryl David’s Legal Guides

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  • What gifts may I make tax free in 2010?

    Gift before year end. Make a gift of money and other stuff worth up to $13,000.00 before year end. If you are married, you may gift up to $26,000 before year end. These gifts may be made without gift

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  • Special Estate Planning for Blended Families

    Make sure that the estate plan encompasses the needs of all family members. Typically, a married couple wants to protect their assets for the surviving spouse. Often this results in excluding the fam

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  • A Revocable Trust Must Be Funded To Avoid Probate

    Find a qualified attorney to do steps two through five. This is a complicated process. The wrong steps could result in unintended outcomes from a tax and distribution perspective. Make sure that the

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  • Why you need a North Carolina Durable Property Power of Attorney.

    Create a Durable Property Power of Attorney I highly recommend you hire an attorney to assist you with your power of attorney. This is a very powerful document, it gives the person you choose, the ri

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  • How to provide for our pets when we die.

    Create a will or trust with pet provisions. Pet provisions should be placed in our estate planning documents. Mention to the attorney that there are pets and have a list of trusted people, veterinari

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  • What are some of the basics of estate planning?

    Basics Estate Planning Documents The most basic estate plan should consist of six documents: a will which denotes who takes over and who gets what when you die; a power of attorney, which covers who

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  • What is Elder Law? As people age, why is some form of estate planning so important?

    What is Elder Law? What is Elder Law? Elder Law is an area of law focused on legally protecting the physical and financial health of our older population. If one qualifies for AARP membership, one

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  • If I own land or property with someone else jointly, do I have to go through probate when they die?

    Check the deeds and statements on your property to see how it's titled. In North Carolina, if your deed says Joint with Right of Survivorship, or if you were married when you purchased the property a

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  • How to avoid a mess when you get sick and later when you die.

    Contact your financial institutions and ask for a change of beneficiary form. There are forms to change all of the beneficiaries on all of your accounts. Contact the financial institution and ask for

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