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Bryce Dalton Cook

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  • My son was given out of date adrenalin

    my son was suffering from macrophage activation syndrome and was admitted on to the children's ward he was given a 50-50 chance of survival he was treated and responded well we was then told he was 80-90 percent chance of survival worse case was b...

    Bryce’s Answer

    I am very sorry for your loss. It appears from the facts you have presented that your son did receive substandard care. However, one of the key issues in a medical malpractice claim is whether or not the health care provider's negligence actually caused your son's death. In Arkansas, that must be established by the opinion of another doctor. Me or any other medical malpractice attorney would need to have the records reviewed by a doctor before proceeding with your case. Good luck.

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  • Do we need a lawyer for custody?

    My wife has joint custody with her mother of 3 grandchildren. Her mother recently passed away and the children have never lived with my wife. My wives father 74 years old is planning on keeping the kids as he has raised them all of there lives, on...

    Bryce’s Answer

    It sounds like this is a guardianship issue. I would guess that your wife's mother was the co-guardian of the children and has now passed. It is likely that a court proceeding would be necessary to determine a new legal guardian of the children if your wife's father was not made a guardian in the original proceeding and your wife is not willing or able to care for the children.

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