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I just recieved letter in mail saying i have vehaclie prowling 2 end degree Theft 3 ?: Thank u

Asked 9 days ago in Criminal Defense

Erin’s answer: As indicated- it's a summons with a mandatory appearance. Hire a lawyer if you can before hand to discuss your options. Often times these types can be resolved without a conviction.

Answered 2 days ago.

How much time can my daughter get for organized retail theft 2 in Clark County Washington?: Her and 2 other girls stole some things from Walmart. She has 2 co defendants

Asked 9 days ago in Criminal Defense

Erin’s answer: Assuming no prior felony convictions, your daughter is looking at a standard sentencing range of 0-3 months. There are often options available for for time offenders to avoid a felony conviction. Your daughter should speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to determine those options. Good luck!

Answered 9 days ago.

Any hope to have multiple felonies expunged? what type of attorney would I contact?: In 2006 I was charged with everything found in a hotel room rented in my name. I was not present when it was raided; I was at work and arrested later. I was scared had no money for a lawyer and took the first offer they made. Worst experience of my life. I served 2years after I refused to testify against anyone involved. Today my life is a complete 180 degree change. I was charged with drug possession, possession of stolen property I & II, manufacturing of payment instrument, identity theft and forgery. I faithfully make monthly payments for restitution past 11 years. my balance is approx $28k. (This happened in Wa state but lived in OR state since release in 2008)

Asked 16 days ago in Criminal Defense

Erin’s answer: If those were all from the same case, and assuming you had absolutely no criminal history since, you'd have to wait 10 years from the date of discharge since at least some of your convictions are class B felonies. You'll get a discharge once you've completed all terms and conditions of your sentence including paying all legal and financial obligations including ordered restitution. Sounds like the only thing you have left is paying off the last $28,000. Once that's done, the 10 year clock will begin toward becoming eligible to have your convictions vacated.

Answered 16 days ago.