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Can I refile bankruptcy? Chapter 13 instead of 7?: I filed chapter 7 in March 2012, it was finalized in August 2012, since that time I have had 5 major surgeries and one more coming up, my father is stage four cancer and I am his caretaker, my main debt is my home is coming up for tax foreclosure in January 2016... I need to just buy some time at least, I have decided I have to sell my home, but I don't want to lose it over the menial taxes I owe... I have some other debt, not much, a title loan on a car and 3 credit cards... Please let me know what my options would be? I was reading that maybe I can file chapter 13 four years after a chapter 7... I will be four years in April, but I really need to find something to stop the tax foreclosure... Even if it only buys me a lil time to get it sold and paid off?

Thank you for your time

Asked almost 2 years ago in Chapter 13

Brittany’s answer: While you won't be eligible for a discharge, you could still file a chapter 13 just to get the protection of the automatic stay. That will prevent your home from being foreclosed on while you make a plan to sell it. Chapter 13's are far more complex than a chapter 7. You'll want to consult with an attorney right away about your options and discuss what a chapter 13 would look like for you. Best of luck!

Answered almost 2 years ago.

For how long after my chapter 7 do I have to report income change?: If I get a new job, for how long after my bankruptcy is closed do I have to report it? (for example, if a year later, do I tell the trustee? If three years later?).

Asked almost 2 years ago in Chapter 7

Brittany’s answer: Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn't really forward looking. If your employment changes between the time of filing and your 341 hearing, you should tell the Trustee at the hearing. However, you have no duty to disclose changes to your employment or income after that time. What you are required to disclose are windfalls that you receive within 180 days (or 6 months) after filing. So if you file BK on July 1, and then your grandmother passes away on November 15th and you stand to inherit something, you do need to tell the Trustee about that. But if she passes away on January 15th, you get to enjoy your inheritance.

Answered almost 2 years ago.

What happens if a civil penalty is not paid within the court ordered time frame?: Judge found non moving party in contempt, they haven't paid the civil penalty.

Asked almost 2 years ago in Debt Collection

Brittany’s answer: If you are talking about a civil penalty, eventually it will be turned over to a collections company just like any other debt. If you are talking about a judgment award that you were granted, you can work with a collections company or attorney to pursue a garnishment.

Answered almost 2 years ago.