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Can I get charged with Driving While License/Privilege Suspended Third Degree for getting a speeding ticket w/ ILL License. : I had been driving my car legally while my license was suspended with a Interlock Ignition License. I received a speeding ticket and was subsequently charged with driving Driving While License/Privilege Suspended Third Degree. I have all the paperwork to back that I was driving legally, but the prosecutor says my ILL is revoked after receiving a speeding ticket. But shouldn't that happen after my speeding ticket is issued? How can I be charged with driving with a suspended license when I was driving legally?

Asked 4 days ago in Criminal Defense

Michael’s answer: I do not believe that simply getting a speeding infraction while driving under an IIL will result in a suspension. Either the prosecutor is mistaken or you didn't pay your ticket your license was in fact suspended. You should have an attorney look into it.

Answered 4 days ago.

Do they get your fingerprints and photograph during the arraignment for theft 3?: Im wondering if how court trials work? Do they get your fingerprints and photograph? Also how long does the trial last? Is it aplhabeticaly arrange by last name? Or depends on the time you were caught? My trial is at 9:45 am will give finished before noon? Or i have to be there the whole day? Pls somebody tell i its my 1st time and very nervous also should i plead guilty or not guilty? Thank you in advance

Asked 9 days ago in Criminal Defense

Michael’s answer: If your hearing is at 9:45 then it sounds like an arraignment, not a trial. In other words, its the beginning of the process, not the end. You should be out in less than an hour but you will need to get an attorney to adddress your charges, particularly if they are felonies.

Answered 9 days ago.

Do I have to testify against my husband in a domestic violence case in Washington state ?: My husband and I got into an argument and he pinned me to the bed, I got scared and when he got up I called the police. He has been seeing a psychiatrist for a mental illness called intermittent explosive disorder and his medication isn't effective at such a low dose. I love my husband and don't want him in anymore trouble for this

Asked 22 days ago in Domestic Violence

Michael’s answer: While the State cannot force you to testify against your husband they can exert great pressure on you to do so including issuing a material witness warrant for your arrest if you fail to respond to a personally served subpoena. That said most prosecutors won't go that far so your refusal to cooperate may get him a better deal or even a dismissal. Make certain your views are known to the prosecutor and your husbands attorney.

Answered 22 days ago.