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How can I bring my mom to the us?: I am a citizen and my income is around 10K. Also I have my own company which made 50K last year. So I think it's gonna be around 60K. I am planning to bring my mom to here. She is not gonna live here just wanna visit to us. Is there have any specific form to apply for the visa? Or just apply for the tourist visa? If I need to apply for the tourist visa what I need to know and do?

Asked 2 months ago in Immigration

Diego’s answer: If you are planning to bring your mother to the US on an immigrant visa, the income that you make should be reflected in your personal income tax return. If it shows you make $10 K a year, you will need a Joint sponsor. A business, even if it is your own, cannot be a Joint Sponsor. It has to be a US citizen or Permanent Resident who meets the applicable income guidelines. If your mother simply wants to come in to the US for a visit, your income is not a major factor. Her ties in her home country are more important to demonstrate she has roots that she does not intend to abandon.

You really need to talk with an experienced immigration lawyer. Good luck.

Answered 2 months ago.

Please any advice will be appreciated : I came to the U.S through an immigrant visa which my u.s citizen father filed for me. What form do I need to fill out to apply for my green card

Asked 3 months ago in Immigration

Diego’s answer: You probably do not need to apply for a Green Card. You may qualify to apply for a Certificate of US citizenship if you became a Lawful Permanent Resident while under the age of 18 when came to the US as an immigrant based on your US citizen father's petition. The moment you arrived in the US you automatically became a Lawful Permanent Resident. You really should talk with an experienced immigration attorney. entitled to apply for a certificate of Citizenship. Best of luck.

Answered 3 months ago.

Will the government grant resident visas based on a homosexual marriage? Or will they only grant them for heterosexual?: If somebody came to this country on a tourist visa and fell in love and married while here, can this person qualify for a greencard if this is a homosexual marriage?

Asked 3 months ago in Immigration

Diego’s answer: Same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 States ever since the June 25, 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Same-sex couples have equal dignity in the eyes of the law. Gay and lesbian couples can apply for immigration benefits just like everyone else.

I encourage you to consult with an experienced immigration attorney for help with the process of applying for lawful permanent residence based on any type of marriage. Best wishes.

Answered 3 months ago.