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Do I get to claim my son on taxes every year?: The visitation papers say that we have to alternate years but the IRS online says that if you have your child atleast 6 months and 1 day out of the year then you have the right to claim him? So does that mean the papers dont matter in that sense?

Asked about 5 years ago in Family

Amanda’s answer: As Raymond stated, the IRS is not bound by a state court's order regarding who may "claim" a child in certain years for tax purposes. However, this does not mean you should ignore the rules within your visitation papers. If the tax language within the papers was a rule ordered by the court, you could face consequences for violating the court's order. Consult a local family law attorney in your area before deviating from this order.

Answered about 5 years ago.

Are there programs that can help reduce my tax debt?: We were audited for tax year 08, 09, & 10. Unfortunately, the tax-preparer reported false information on our taxes. Her benefit was the more money she got us back the more she would charge us. We were introduced to her by a mutual friend. We had no idea what she was up to until the auditor explained the summary of our taxes. We relied on her so-called expertise and just would sign the forms. We were able to prove we paid her because we wrote a check. BLUF: We had no intentions of messing with the IRS; but because of our failure to paid attention and at least make sure our taxes were done correctly, we owe for all three years. I just would like get rid of the penalties and interest and paid what we owe. Omni Financial claim they can assist us if we sign up for their program.

Asked about 5 years ago in Tax

Amanda’s answer: You can request the IRS reduce or remove penalties for the tax years at issue by filing IRS Form 843. You are not required to hire an attorney or other group to file one on your behalf, but you may choose to do so. If you do, consider consulting with one or more local attorneys and discuss the costs of representation and likely outcomes of your case to determine whether it makes sense to hire help for your case.

Amanda R. Stach
Insight Law

Answered about 5 years ago.

How to buy a property for back taxes before it goes to Judicial Sale?: property is multi-family, no mortgage. owned by 3 siblings. except no one paid the taxes starting in 2006. i would be interested in finding out how i can get this property for the back taxes before it goes for sale. who do i contact to find out. property is in Luzerne County, PA


Asked about 5 years ago in Real Estate

Amanda’s answer: Contact the property owners and see if they will transfer the property to you if you pay the amount of the back taxes. Otherwise, you'll need to participate in the public bid process for the property. Your county's sheriff office or tax bureau probably has more information on the timing and conditions of these sales.

Answered about 5 years ago.