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Can I go to College while I'm on L&I and receiving Time Loss Benefits?: Hi, I would like to go to college while I'm on L&I, is it possible? I will pay tuition out of my pocket, I will continue get medical treatments with on L&I and at the same time I will try to learn a new carrier at the college. Will Department of Labor and Industries allowed me to do that? Or do I have to wait till my claim is closed and then I can go get a new carrier at the college?

Please advise.

Thank you all!

Asked 2 months ago in Workers Compensation

Larry’s answer: Yes, you can attend college while receiving treatment under your claim. If you are not able to perform your normal career due to your work injury, then you might be eligible for retraining benefits, which could include payment of up to 2 years of tuition as well as time loss benefits during your schooling. It's a little tricky if you're going to college, as the schooling that is paid for under worker's comp must make you employable within two years, and so taking a lot of general study classes wouldn't qualify. But with a little creativity there usually will be a way we can craft a program that will satisfy the requirements. I suggest you consult with a competent worker's compensation attorney about your options. An initial consultation won't cost you anything and it's likely that having an attorney to help you through this process will ensure you receive all the benefits and compensation you are entitled to. Good luck!

Answered 2 months ago.

Do I need to be worried?: So earlier this year, I was involved in the accident. I was not cause of the accident, I hit the end car after it happen. Well we called the cops and got a report and got our insurance info swapt. Well the car I hit had significant damage to the front cause the original accident. His front was crunched. My insurance company, handled the case, but there company will not work with my insurance company. They keep coming after me. Well today I got served for the remaining amount and called my insurance and they said I am covered. Should I start seeking my own lawyer just in case or should the insurance should be able to handle it?

Asked 8 months ago in Car Accident

Larry’s answer: So long as your insurance company is indicating you are covered and have adequate coverage for this accident, I would not be overly concerned. It is important however that you immediately notify your insurance that you have been served with a lawsuit, if you have not done so already.

Answered 8 months ago.

I was hit and run. We followed the car for 20 miles until the police arrived. The guy gave fake insurance. What should I do now: The state trooper was going to arrest him for hit and run. Then the guy magically produced insurance so the trooper let him go with just a hit and run ticket.. The insurance company said it doesn't recognize his policy number. Called the guy back and he told me to F-off and call the police on him. Damage is most likely over $1000.00. He is in the military as well if that matters. Isn't it against the law to provide fake insurance information? What recourse do I now have?

Asked 8 months ago in Car Accident

Larry’s answer: There are several things you can do here. I would in fact report this to the police. They may issue a citation. Also, you can report this to the Department of Licensing. They can place a hold on his license until he pays your damages. Finally, you should check your own insurance policy to see if you have "Underinsured Motorist coverage." This coverage steps in to pay your losses if someone who hits you has no insurance (or not enough insurance.) Sorry this happened to you. Good luck!

Answered 8 months ago.