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In Oregon, can an individuals social security retirement benefits be garnished?: My roommate is going to retire this next year, but he owes over $100,000.00 to workmans compensation, in a JUDGEMENT not a FINE. And, he would like to know if when he retires, will they be able to garnish his ss retirement benefits?

Asked almost 3 years ago in Debt Collection

Brian’s answer: Attorney Bodzin is correct. However, please note, certain types of debt may be garnished. For example, your Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, or other government benefits may be garnished to pay delinquent child support spousal support, federal student loans or federal taxes.
(see: http://www.helpwithmybank.gov/get-answers/bank-... )

Answered almost 3 years ago.

Do social security investigators ever gps your car?: A friend who is on ssdi thinks he may be investigated by ssa and being followed.

Do they ever attach gps to a car?

It most likely is his mental health (paranoia) causing his worries, but I wanted to ask.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Social Security

Brian’s answer: They do have an investigative unit (CDIU) that does such investigations. I do not think they can gps a vehicle without a warrant, but they certainly would not tell him if they had obtained a warrant. They routinely lie when conducting such investigations and tell folks they interview that they are investigating identity theft. Your friend probably is not paranoid, just observant.

Answered almost 4 years ago.

Duty to report Social Security/SSI Fraud-How to do when don't have persons SSN or DOB?: Have tenant renting unit who constantly finds something he says needs repair/replacing and takes upon himself to do then sends invoice and charges for work he's done to be taken off rent. Has stated in writing he gets SS benefits. We go to property to collect rent and wife says he's at work (allegedly for sister under table). He also got on roof assisting another tenant with applying sealant and says he fell off and injured self. Sent in writing that Medicare/Medicaid paid $765 for med bills. (He's total fraud). Owner unfortunately does not have his SSN. He is being put out this month (month-to-month at will tenant). Will SSA be able to associate who he is without an SSN #/DOB so they can review him? I doubt he is using address where he rents. Not age 65 so has to be disability.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Social Security

Brian’s answer: You can even do it online at: https://www.socialsecurity.gov/fraudreport/oig/...

You should provide as much identifying information as possible regarding the suspect. Such information should include:

Name of the beneficiary
Social Security Number of the beneficiary
Date of birth of the beneficiary
Details regarding the allegation, such as when it happened, how it was committed, and where it took place.

Answered almost 4 years ago.