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What consequences would I be facing if I self-terminate Drug Court?: Boyfriend is looking to self-terminate Drug Court after being told he would have to do a hair test. He relapsed a few weeks ago and will come clean to his DC case worker before hair test. He has two charges under him when starting DC (5 years time). He's attending college pt and also has a pt job. What type of consequences will he face if he self-terminates from DC as opposed to being terminated from DC?

Asked 10 months ago in Expungement

Barry’s answer: Whether you voluntarily or involuntarily leave drug court is of little consequence with regard to what will happen next. In all cases where a person leaves drug court, the person leaving drug court in Hawaii will likely be placed in HOPE probation, or, if he chooses not to participate in HOPE, then the remaining option is prison. Both DC and HOPE Probation are challenging programs, but for those who stick it out and complete the program, the reward is well worth it - the underlying charge/charges are dismissed. Encourage your BF to stay in the program.

Answered 10 months ago.

Can I fly from Hawaii to Tennessee with a bench warrant? : I got a ticket for not watching my little brother when he was swimming. I went to court and they told me to come the next week but I forgot to show up. Now I need to go attend my uncles wedding next weekend. But I have a bench warrant. Can I still fly?

Asked 10 months ago in State & Local Law

Barry’s answer: Whether you can fly out of Hawaii or not is a TSA issue. The short answer to your question is that the TSA does not normally check for outstanding warrants issued out of Hawaii when people fly out of Hawaii. Unless you do something at the airport to trigger a more careful review by the TSA of your person and your flight plans, you will not likely be stopped by the TSA based on the facts you have provided.

Answered 10 months ago.

I pulled into work open the front door walked back to my truck when policeman pulled up and gave me speeding ticket.: Is their anything I can do to get out of this ticket? I know i wasn't speeding. he never showed me the laser gun, didn't tell me where he was giving tickets or shooting the gun. didn't sign ticket

Asked over 3 years ago in Speeding Ticket

Barry’s answer: To answer your question, you will need to tell us what happened while you were driving to work. Your question concerns how to rid youself of the citation, yet you say nothing about the events - the driving part - leading to the issuance of the citation.

The standard defenses apply would be my reply.

Answered over 3 years ago.