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Would the judge make me pick up and drop off the kids for my ex: My ex move from oc to San diego and refused to meet me half way to exchange the kids. She wants me to drop off and pick up the kids from her house. I live in Orange county. She created the distance but expect me to do all the driving. Would it be possible for the judge to request me to do all the driving???? She has a car and a job just like me.
She also wants me to pay for the kid car payment ( he's 16) she also wants me to contribute for the kids college funds. Am I obligated by law for these funds on top of chikd support??? Thank you for answer my questions.

Asked over 2 years ago in Child Custody

Myrlys’s answer: Ordinarily, judges will order the parties to share in the transportation for parenting exchanges. I have seen, on a few occasions, judges order that one party provide all the transportation but that is the exception. In those few cases, the other party had no means of providing the transportation and the judge thought it was in the best interests of the children to have the visits and order the other parent to provide the transportation. In your situation, your ex has transportation and can share in the travel for parenting exchanges...AND she is the one who moved away! Regarding the car payment, I don't see the court ordering you to make that payment as a child support add on.

Answered over 2 years ago.

Can I buy a house all cash before my divorce with missing spouse is finalized: I know it will be complicated to obtain a loan. but how about all cash? I have no idea with his whereabouts, proceeded with publication divorce in California where I live , no response, entered default, just waiting for judgement, but I have a great opportunity to buy a property in Texas right now. Is it doable? If not, how about setting up LLC and buy?

Asked over 4 years ago in Divorce

Myrlys’s answer: I is possible, but you may have some difficulty convincing a title company that the title of the property should be held in your name only. The key inquiry will be "what is the source of the funds you use to purchase the house?" There is a presumption that post-separation assets are separate property and thus the property acquired with that separate property is also separate property.

Consult with a California attorney about the character of the home as you go through the purchase process.

Answered over 4 years ago.

What do I need to bring I have a child detention hearing. I need to get my kids back.: My children were taken from me by cps and I am trying to get them back my daughters told there teacher that I beat them I did spank her over clothes and there was no marks per California Law we can speak kids as long as we do not leave marks. I need to know what I need to do to get my kids back I can not live without them I need my babbies.

Asked over 4 years ago in Child Custody

Myrlys’s answer: It's not clear what stage you are in the legal proceedings. Has there been a "Jurisdiction" hearing? Have you been offered services by CPS? What has happened thus far and what was the timeframe? Generally in Dependency cases under Welfare & Institutions Code Section 300, et. seq., a Petition is filed, then a Detention hearing is held within 48 hours. A Jurisdiction hearing is held within 30 days, and that is followed by a Dispositional hearing. I would need to know more to comment on your specific case.

Answered over 4 years ago.