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Can an officer search a brief case that was in my car but did not belong to me but I gave him consent to do so ? : Can I suppress what was found In that brief case ?

Asked 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

Lewis’s answer: It sounds as though you gave the officer permission to search the car without any limitation. If you didn't tell him he could not search the briefcase or that it did not belong to you, you will probably have a difficult time being successful in winning the motion to suppress. However the amount of detail you gave is limited. You probably should consult with a lawyer and tell them all the details so they can better advise you.

Answered 2 months ago.

I vandalized my ex boyfriends car. How do I defend myself in court?: I found out my boyfriend of 9 years was cheating on me so I vandalized his car. He called the cops filed a police report. He didnt press any cahrges. Now an investigator called me for questioning. I didn't give her my statement. She told me I will be getting a court date in the mail and I will be prosecuted and charged for vandalism. I know my ex didn't press any charges. Do investigators lie in order to get the truth out of someone, is it bluff, how do I defend myself or stop from being prosecuted?

Asked 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

Lewis’s answer: First, a police officer is not required to be truthful with you. Second, your boyfriend does not bring charges against you, it will be the DA's office. Third, you need to report to court on the date you receive if the DA does file charges, they will likely send you an arraignment letter. Lastly, I strongly advise you contact a lawyer to help you and not try to handle this on your own.

Answered 2 months ago.

Is the case number as same as booking number?: looking for record

Asked 12 months ago in Criminal Defense

Lewis’s answer: There are several different types of case numbers, but usually only one booking number. The booking number will be assigned when the person is booked in the custodial facility. Seeing your question came from Garden Grove, the booking number will probably be assigned at the jail upon booking. You can look it up if you have the arrestee's name and/or DOB on the OCSO website.

The case numbers could be assigned either by the investigating agency, the DA's office will assign their own case number, and the court will assign its own case number as well. So you will need to know which agency you are seeking information from. The court case number will be assigned when the case is actually filed in court and assigned to a particular courtroom.

Answered 12 months ago.