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Can I apply for U.S. citizenship with a 15 year old conviction that's been expunged from my record?: My current status is permanent resident since 1997. I was convicted of felony theft in early 2000 at age 18, complied with everything the court ordered and paid all my fines. Had my case expunged by a judge in early 2007 for complying with everything and having a perfectly clean record since my conviction date. It's been 8 years since then and now I want to apply for citizenship... CAN I? Would I be able to get approved for citizenship or is it a bad idea for me to even apply? I've had a clean record since my conviction, not even a parking ticket in 15 years.

Asked over 2 years ago in Immigration

Daniel’s answer: The expungement doesn't help in the Immigration world. DHS looks at your record in whole, and the expungement isn't an eraser. It would help to contact a lawyer familiar with immigration and criminal law in that you could try to petition for a certificate of rehabilitation that would help because it is an eraser. Although difficult to obtain, it may be available to you.

I still recommend contacting a lawyer because there may be other ways for you to naturalize.

Answered over 2 years ago.

If my sons 12 and hes getting charges pressed on him for assult, will that affect me or will he just go to juvinile hall?: There both in the same grade and go to the same school the girl spit on him and thats when he hit her.

Asked over 2 years ago in Violent Crime

Daniel’s answer: Maybe someone actually in Orange County can answer this for you. First, I wouldn't expect that he end up in juvenile hall for a simple assault. If the girl had a permanent injury, the chance of going into custody increases, but without that, there is a slim chance that he would need to be incarcerated. Second, I agree with the other attorneys in the sense that having a child in the court requires your presence, and the related expenses will be yours. A more thorough case evaluation with a local criminal attorney is recommended so you may obtain specific answers for your questions.

Answered over 2 years ago.

I recently attained an MIP in the state of California. What consequences am I facing & can i avoid getting my license revoked?: I am eighteen years old, it is an increment ticket

Asked almost 3 years ago in Juvenile

Daniel’s answer: An MIP (Minor in Possession of Alcohol) is a misdemeanor in CA. The consequences vary depending on where your case is. You may be required to attend an underage offender program, and pay a fine. There IS an automatic action against your license, a suspension for one year if you are found guilty. This is why you should contact an attorney local to the court to represent you and avoid getting convicted. An attorney could possibly appear without you, so that's a big bonus to save you from traveling back and forth.

Answered almost 3 years ago.