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From my divorce judgement, I owe my ex approximately $20K. I was unemployed for an extended period of time: and did not have the funds to pay after making payments for child support and basic living expenses. Now that I am caught-up, I have been giving my ex checks as installment payments. I am basically giving her every extra amount that I have from each paycheck (i.e. $200-1,000) every two weeks. She is not cashing my checks and so I asked several times in writing and could not get an answer. I believe she is doing this just to continue to cause high conflict. How could I document payment if she will not take it? Also, the checks that I am writing need to be cashed timely as if there are extra funds in the bank, child support services sweeps my account periodically for the past due support from when I was unemployed. That has been resolved, but I am unable to keep large amounts in my bank to back the eventual $20K in checks. Should I just get money orders? Send to her Attorney?

Asked 8 months ago in Family

Marlene’s answer: Make sure the checks are properly notated and send them to the attorney. Also, write the attorney and list out the checks you have provided and not cashed. Please ask him to advise why the checks have not been negotiated.

Answered 8 months ago.

I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath how many people can live in here : I live with my 2 kids and my roommate And her daughter I recently got engaged now my roommate doesn't want him around cause she's bitter so now the leasing office is saying that we can't have more then 5 people in the house? Soon want to know if that's true and never one can stay or sleep over more then 7 days

Asked 8 months ago in Landlord & Tenant

Marlene’s answer: It is up to the leasing office. Most residential leases specify the number of parties they are leasing the premises to.

Answered 8 months ago.

When guards are being rude and warden is a joke how can you report institution: My husband is in custody at Herlong FCI we lost our visits for a year behind there unjust ways now he's in the hole and I can't get any answers

Asked about 1 year ago in Criminal Defense

Marlene’s answer: This is not a family law question. I will reclassify this so someone may provide some insight.

Answered about 1 year ago.