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In a real estate firm where all realtors are associates, who would I send a letter to regarding preserving evidence?: I want two realtors in particular to be notified they are to preserve evidence, however all the realtors of the firm have access to the same computers, and there is no "head" of the office that I can serve, nor anyone in the specific position being in charge of records.

Would I serve notice to every realtor (associate) of that firm?

Asked about 2 months ago in Litigation

Blake’s answer: The document you need to prepare is called a spoliation letter. Only officers or resident agents can bind an entity and accept notice & service if the letter, unless otherwise expressly or impliedly indicated in a contract or by the nature of employment, i.e. associates may have implied Write them a letter requesting their bylaws, or an opportunity to inspect them. It'll list the officers, board of directors, members and associates and, possibly, officers and/or associates with authority to accept notice and service of the letter. You should also check out the court docket to see who regularly represents them in court and send their attorneys the letter. Check with the Bureau of Real Estate for their obligation to maintain files. Good luck.

Answered about 2 months ago.

How do i find an affordable real estate lawyer in norwalk ca?: To remove an ex room mates name off the title of my mobile home i own and added him too and now i have no clue where he is

Asked 2 months ago in Civil Rights

Blake’s answer: If you can't get him to sign a quitclaim deed you'll have to file a partition in kind or by sale action, and a quiet title claim, which legal aid society can do for free if you meet its income requirements. Contact info for the Norwalk office is here: http://www.legal-aid.com/contactlocate/norwalk-....

Answered 2 months ago.

Community property vs Separate property. : if an author dies and their only income is derived from royalties from work they published before marrying would the royalties be considered separate or community property under probate

Asked 3 months ago in Real Estate

Blake’s answer: Separate property is property acquired before marriage, or property acquired during marriage with a separate property asset or acquired by gift and intended to be separate property. A separate property asset may become a community property asset, for example, if the money derived from the separate property is commingled with a community property bank account. In your example, royalties are designated separate property unless you transmuted the asset by agreement, or by depositing the royalties in a community property bank account. Even so, it is possible to prove that the commingled funds are SP by conducting an accounting and tracing the funds to an SP source. I suggest consulting an attorney. Good luck.

Answered 3 months ago.