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Is it worth it to hire an attorney to fight a judgment for wage garnishment for a possibly bogus debt that is relatively small?: I'm trying to contact the collection agency to see who the original creditor was. I don't know the source of the debt as it appears to be from 6 years ago and doesn't show on 2 of the 3 credit reports. I didn't receive any prior notice of the judgment but they might have mailed it to a previous address that didn't forward to me. The way I read the judgment, it's only for 60 days so the total garnishment (about $900) would be less than the principal amount, not to mention the interest and other fees.

Asked 6 days ago in Debt Collection

Sandra’s answer: Is it worth it? Why not meet with an attorney - take a consultation in your area and find out. Since we can't know the balance and/or what the attorney would charge only you would know if it is worth it. If the creditor is violating any statutes for collections you may have damages against them in addition to being relieved of the debt. I am not clear if you believe you owe the original debt. So I would suggest finding attorneys that give a free or reasonable cost consultation and discover your options since there are not enough facts here to answer your question.

Answered 6 days ago.

Proof of publication : I was granted publication of divorce summons in India. I submitted the court the copy of ad from 4 weeks. Now court wants proof of publication . What does the newspaper need to provide and what has to be included in that letter. The newspaper in India has no idea about this.Pls let me know.

Asked 2 months ago in Uncontested Divorce

Sandra’s answer: I agree with the previous answer and I use the Daily Journal for publication. They may provide you with an exemplar.

Answered 2 months ago.

Canceling a credit cardholder agreement: We all get cardholder agreements in the mail. Its a method of notice

Credit card in "charge-off" status, debt IS owed.
Card" closed" by Credit Grantor

The Q is: Though it wouldn't cancel the debt, can one send notice that one no longer agrees to other terms of the agreement--and in fact cancel the other terms of the agreement while agreeing the debt IS owed?

Asked 9 months ago in Credit Repair

Sandra’s answer: I agree that it is fruitless and your time would be better spent elsewhere. But you can send whatever you wish to creditor and you can always dispute items on your credit report - having the disputed information on the report along with the Charge Off. I wonder however, what it is exactly you wish to accomplish - not sure that is clear from your question. Best of luck.

Answered 9 months ago.