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Can a business refuse to sell a legal gun owner ammunition because they say that person smells like marijuana? : I was at a Big 5 store in California and overheard an employee tell a customer that he cannot sell him ammunition because "he smelled like weed."

Asked 3 months ago in Business

Jimmy’s answer: A private business can refuse service to anyone as long as they are not refusing service based upon certain enumerated categories, such race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Keep in mind that Marijuana use is still illegal in the state of california. While state law says it is no longer illegal it is still illegal under federal law, which also governs the sale of fire arms and ammunition.

P. S. As an advocate of the second amendment I encourage you to think twice about owning/using a firearm or making decisions relating to firearms, including purchasing ammunition, while under the influence.

Answered 3 months ago.

In CA, is there limit as to how many times home owner’s insurance co must reissue the same claim check, if it has expired?: Insurance co had said after 3 times, it is then written to state of CA.

Re issusing it to state, is that based on number of years or number of times check has been written?
I thought it was supposed to be based on number of years, and if they can’t locate who should receive it.

Are there extenuating circumstances as to whether check has to be rewritten, to home owner or representative, such as if there is a change of contractor?

Thanks much.

Asked 3 months ago in Insurance

Jimmy’s answer: Most likely the check being written to the state is actually to State Controller. The insurance company is admitting the money isn't theirs. Since they are having problems getting you to cash/deposit the funds and need to keep replacing the check they are surrendering to money to the state as "Unclaimed Property". This is known as "Escheat".

While their are insufficient facts to be certain, it sounds to me like this is what they are doing. Google "Escheat California and a website for the state controller should come up. Follow the instructions and do a search for your name. You may even find other money their that's is yours.

Answered 3 months ago.

Can sue the school for letting my child to walk out school and try to take her life after being picked on for weeks : The school is doing nothing at all

Asked 3 months ago in Education

Jimmy’s answer: First and foremost, make sure to take care of your child. It sounds like he/she could use the services if a psychologist who can give them tools to deal with the bullying.

As for legal remedies, it will depend on the factual circumstances. Does the school have knowledge of the bullying? Where is the bullying taking place? How much of it has been documented? Etc.

I suggest you contact an attorney directly to discuss these specifics. Be advised that anything you post here about the facts is not protected by attorney client privileges.

Answered 3 months ago.