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Can I get fired from work for becoming lovers, friends, or roommates with a coworker if I'm the boss of them ?: I work at target and I am a team lead, kinda like a manager. I am being told that I can't be friends with anyone lower then me in other departments. They said I can get fired for it. Is this true or is this discrimination of some sort?

Asked about 14 hours ago in Employment

Sagar’s answer: As an at will employee, yes, you can be fired for this reason.

Answered about 9 hours ago.

$100,000 arbitration award. Why is my lawyer taking 75% of it for fees and costs?: I recently received an arbitration award of $100,000 for my car accident but my lawyers are saying they are entitled to $75,000 for fees (45%) and costs ($30k). The medical liens were $15,000 leaving me with $10,000.

This does not seem right or fair at all! Can my law firm do this to me?

Asked 1 day ago in Personal Injury

Sagar’s answer: You should see what the retainer provides, and also ask for a breakdown of the $30,000 of costs.

Answered 1 day ago.

I'm starting out as an s corp with just me as the officer. Do I need to assign shares/stocks? Do I need to assign directors?: I have a consulting business and want to formalize it for both legal and tax advantages. I'm thinking that s corp would be the best legal structure. Since I'm really a sole proprietor, certain sections of the articles of incorporation doesn't seem relevant to me. Do I still need to fill in all those sections? The main ones is assigning shares/stocks and directors. If I need to assign shares/stocks, do I come up with an arbitrary number and can that be changed in the future? Do I need a board of directors?

Asked 1 day ago in Corporate

Sagar’s answer: Yes, you need to issue shares, and yes, you need to have a Board.

A full consultation would be necessary to properly advise you.

Answered 1 day ago.