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Iam a seller and have signed a contract with a buyer. No real estate agent is involved. How can I void this contract?: Are there any ways out of this contract?

Asked about 3 years ago in Real Estate

Brad’s answer: The terms of the contract will determine whether you can get out of it. If it was written without the assistance of an attorney, then the chances of you getting out of the contract are probably better. Your options to escape the contract might expire as time passes, so you probably want to meet with a lawyer to discuss soon.

Brad Denton

Answered about 3 years ago.

Since my wife was fired, is she entitled to receive the pay for the vacation pay that she has accrued and was never awarded?: My wife has worked for Diamond Resort International in Arizona for about 4 and half years. During that time with this vacation business, her vacations have never been approved in advance - they always waited till it was less than 2 weeks in advance and sometimes days in advance. She made plans to do a training workshop and her boss was informed. My wife paid her deposit for this training that is offered maybe once a year. A week before the training her boss informed here that she would not approve my wife's vacation. Given the importance and money already paid, my wife made the decision to choose the training over her job. She was fired.

Asked over 3 years ago in Employee Benefits

Brad’s answer: The short answer to your question is: maybe. Under Arizona law, when an employee is fired, the employee is entitled to any wages, including vacation pay, that had been earned up to that point. Determining whether or not your wife's vacation pay was already earned at the time she was fired will be a little more complicated and will depend a lot on the specific arrangements and contracts she had in place with her employer. Your wife should contact an experienced employment law attorney who will be able to ask the right questions to help her determine whether or not she is entitled to any additional amounts.

Answered over 3 years ago.

Can a Court gain jurisdiction over a foreign general partnership that has no statutory agent?: If a foreign (true) general partnership of which operates as its own entity distinct from its general partners commits a tort, is there anyway in which the Court (within the state the tort is committed) can gain jurisdiction of the general partnership entity itself, or would the lawsuit have to be filed either in federal court or a court in which the foreign general partnership entity is based?

Asked about 4 years ago in Business

Brad’s answer: If the tort occurred in Arizona, and the tort was done on behalf of the partnership, then most likely Arizona courts are going to have jurisdiction over the partnership. Depending on the type of tort, there might be a fight over whether it "occurred" in Arizona, and there might also be a fight over whether the tort was "done on behalf of the partnership." But that's the general rule that the court will apply in deciding whether it has jurisdiction.

Answered about 4 years ago.