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It it okay to obtain an FEIN for an LLC that hasn't been organized yet?: I am forming a Utah LLC using the state's One Stop Business Registration. It wants me to obtain a FEIN even though the LLC hasn't been registered yet and won't allow me to move forward before I do. Is this allowable? Is there another method of forming my LLC that I should be using instead?

Asked 5 months ago in LLC

Ryan’s answer: If you use the Utah website, typically you reserve the name, then get the EIN from the IRS website, then complete the online formation process with the State of Utah. I agree that the Utah website is a little confusing and counter-intuitive. You usually want to wait until the State of Utah has officially approved your name before getting the EIN. On rare occasions, we have not waited for final name approval, obtained the EIN and then the state rejected the name. In that case, you have to write a letter to the IRS to cancel the EIN issued to the rejected name and get a new EIN. Good luck.

Answered 4 months ago.

Can I get any of my Amazon seller disbursement funds back that were fraudently acquired from Amazon by a hacker?: I have an Amazon.com seller account that has historically sent twice-a-month disbursements to my bank account for my sales in the Amazon marketplace. I learned this week that sometime in June, a hacker acquired my Amazon.com seller account details and updated my account so that the disbursements would go into a bank account that they are the owner of. No notification was provided to me by Amazon via email or phone that this bank account change was made. They also must have done no verification that the new bank account was mine. Amazon has been disbursing funds twice a month into the unknown person's account ever since. Amazon has the bank account details and routing number, but will not provide them to me. I do have ACH trace numbers for every single transaction that has gone into the criminal's account. Amazon is not cooperating...I have had multiple phone conversations and have sent several emails explaining the situation and am getting the run-around (no answers, no information, just promises that someone will contact me in a few days). The amount stolen exceeds $6000. I have not contacted law enforcement. Do I have any recourse here to get any of my money back? Next steps?

Asked 6 months ago in Banking

Ryan’s answer: I would recommend that you contact the Utah Attorney General's office and/or the Utah Division of Consumer Protection right away. If you have not already done so, I would also recommend that you change all of your other e-mail passwords and other online account passwords and check your credit report. In short, do everything you can to protect against additional identity theft. Best of luck!

Answered 6 months ago.

What do I need to do, do I need an attorney or what: Me and my wife had a security system installed in our home the tech that installed the system unplugged our deep freezer ruining all the meats that we had in it plus it ruined the deep freezer and the 1500 dollar rug we had it sitting on the company keeps giving us the run around saying that they will pay for the damages then saying it's not their responsibility what do I do

Asked 6 months ago in Energy

Ryan’s answer: Sorry to hear about this situation--frustrating for sure. I agree that small claims is likely your best option. Good luck!

Answered 6 months ago.