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How much time do you get in prison in the state of Idaho for Grand Theft: Our son was arrested last week in Pocatello Idaho a charge of grand theft is pending and he's expecting one more how much time in prison will he get if convicted of these charges

Asked 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

L’s answer: This is not an easy answer to question without more background into your son's case. You may, however, take a look at Idaho Code 18-2408, which contains the possible punishments for Grand Theft. This statute only contains the possible maximum penalties that he may receive, so you will still want to consult with an attorney. It would be best if you contact an attorney in Pocatello, and seek his advice on what the next steps are for your son.

Answered 2 months ago.

Can my husband go to jail for failing to do jail time? : My husband got a ticket for a misademenor last year. It was decided by the court that he could either do jail time or community servicr. He has failed to do either because he forgot about it.

Asked 3 months ago in Speeding Ticket

L’s answer: Yes, your husband could certainly do jail time for failing to comply with the Court's order. He was probably placed on probation, and he probably has a probation violation now. Maybe even a warrant out for his arrest. He needs to deal with this issue promptly. Next time he gets pulled over he could end up in cuffs in the back of a police cruiser.

Answered 3 months ago.

Can i move to another state on unsupervised probation: I am on unsupervised probation, i have all of my fines paid. It was a misdemeanor charge that got me unsupervised probation am i allowed to move to a different state

Asked 3 months ago in Criminal Defense

L’s answer: Based on what you have presented, it appears that nothing is holding you here. If the judge did not make it a condition of your probation that you not leave the State then you should be able to leave. It would not be common for the judge to forbid travel outside the State on an unsupervised probation case, so you are likely going to be okay. Just double check that you have fulfilled all the conditions of probation before leaving.

Answered 3 months ago.