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How long do I have to file bankruptcy in order to save my home once it has started to foreclosure proceedings?: How long do I have to file bankruptcy in order to save my home once it has started to foreclosure proceedings?

The bank you started for closure proceedings it is in its early stages. I believe the only way I will be able to get out of it and keep my home is if I filed for bankruptcy. How long do I have to actually do this and it still stop the foreclosure.

Asked about 7 hours ago in Foreclosure

Stephen’s answer: The bankruptcy needs to be filed before the foreclosure sale. The public trustee in your county can tell you when that is. Since the paperwork takes time to prepare, it would be a good not to wait until the last minute to meet with an attorney.

If you are serious about keeping the house, you likely need to file a Chapter 13 case. Your chances of successfully getting a Chapter 13 plan approved without an experienced attorney are very low. You need to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Answered about 5 hours ago.

Can i press criminal charges?: I came home and found my landlord loading my possessions into his truck. We have never missed a payment nor have we received any kind of eviction notice. I recorded my landlord loading and driving away with my stuff. Is this a criminal offense? Can I have my landlord arrested?

Asked about 11 hours ago in Landlord & Tenant

Stephen’s answer: Yes, you can (and should) report the theft to the police. You can also sue for civil theft and seek treble damages and attorney fees.

Answered about 5 hours ago.

Car Totaled: Can I get the other drivers insurance to finish the car payments.: My daughter was in a car accident, not her fault. The car was a 2013, so she has about $10,000 left in payments. 87 year old woman ran a red light, lady got ticketed and has to retake her driver's test.

Asked about 10 hours ago in Car Accident

Stephen’s answer: The car payments have nothing to do with what the insurance will pay. If the car is totaled, your daughter will be paid what the vehicle is worth. If she owes more than the car is worth, she will need to rely on gap coverage or - if she doesn't have gap coverage - she will need to address it herself. She may need to roll the deficiency into her next car loan, but that will put her in the same position she was in before the accident.

Answered about 5 hours ago.