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Okay I been ask my my ex husband attorney to call them to schedule a mediation with them and I don't know if that is a good idea: We been separated for over 6 years and he has temporary custody of my 2 girls I went to court to get a court order signed by the judge so we can have joint custody and I just got a latter from court that we need to go to mediation before going to see the judge I need to know if I can go with he's attorney or wait till I get the courts mediation

Asked about 20 hours ago in Child Custody

David’s answer: Your ex-husband's attorney represents your ex husband and not you. He cannot give you legal advice, but he can and should communicate with you as the professional he/she is. So, if you cannot afford an attorney, communicate with your ex-husband's attorney about scheduling the mediation. Consider consulting with a lawyer, even if you cannot afford to retain one. Some lawyers offer unbundled legal services which enables you to simply pay for an attorney's time when you consult with him/her. Good luck to you.

Answered about 20 hours ago.

My son was arrested for obstruction of telegraph service. We are in NC he is in Denver what should we do.: I'm not sure of too many details I got one conversation with my son. His gf did not want them to take him but they did

Asked 1 day ago in Criminal Defense

David’s answer: He should consult with at least two and hire one criminal defense attorney.

Answered 1 day ago.

Need help figuring out what to do. : Hi! i am in a complicated situation. My spouse and i have been separated for 2 years after she cheated on me and got pregnant. She left the state with my step daughter who i have raised since she was 2 years old she is now 11, with her to live in Arizona with her boyfriend but left my son. After 1 month she sent my step daughter to live with her grandmother in Miami because she could not handle her, after 30 days with her grandmother she was sent to me, I love my kids very much and i have had my daughter for 9 months and my son for well over 1 10 months, my spouse provides no help and lives with a felon boyfriend who has multiple violent crime charges, the kids cant go there and she maybe spend 30 min with the a week with the exception for a 2 week time frame she slept in my house because her boyfriend said he was going to hit her. she collects food stamps / cash assistance under the guise of having the kids. I enrolled and pay for my daughter to go to multiple sports and her mom will not come see her, she says she will come to see the kids or pick them up and cancels all the time because things come up. I know get a lawyer will come up but i only have 1000 saved for lawyer so far

Asked 3 days ago in Family

David’s answer: You are to be commended for stepping up and taking care of both children. With $1000.00 saved, you might considered working with an attorney who can provide you with "unbundled" legal services. What this means is that you and the attorney can work together, with the attorney providing document review, consultation and advice, but with you doing the court filing and going to court on your own. Your attorney can help you prepare for court as well. Perhaps in the meantime, if you continue to save, you will be able to afford to have your attorney represent you in a court hearing. In the meantime, it is very important to get orders in place to protect the children's relationship with you. Look around for an attorney who will provide unbundled legal services. Speak with more than one before you decide who is the best fit for you. Good luck to you.

Answered 3 days ago.